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        Company brief introduction

        Hunan Artie Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, with a registered capital of 30 million yuan, specializing in the design, development, production and sales of "bus, public transport and rail transit" interior trim.


        We have a technical team composed of more than 60 people, committed to technology research and development, production, sales and management of the formation of a systematic professional operation and as well as research & development of bus interior trim lightweight, modular and safely environmental performance. Over the years, Artie has been recognized and supported by provincial and municipal leaders. It has been constantly innovating and making breakthroughs, and also has successively obtained more than 87 national patents(11 invention patents) and many honorary titles, such as "Provincial High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Technology center", "Small Giant Enterprise" and so on. 

        We not only have passed ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 and other quality environment system certification, EMARK and product 3C certification, and but also have established a set of management mode and quality assurance system suitable for small-scale and multi-variety product scale production. In 2010, we passed VOLVO certification and became the global supplier of its commercial vehicle interior trim.

        In order to build our core manufacturing capacity of production system and improve the level of automation, we have constantly introduced high-end equipment and advanced technology. Through the system integration of "technology, process, equipment and processing automation" and other aspects, we have especially created a rare production mode for Artie, and achieved the diversification, modernization and internationalization of the enterprise step by step through continuous innovation. We have a series of "high, fine and sharp" advanced equipment, high-precision rapid 3d scanning system, high-precision CNC machining center, professional double-position automatic vacuum forming equipment developed for bus interior, as well as the cutting system of mechanical arm. From mould design, processing & production, testing and product automatic cutting, this complete process route and production chain can ensure the product quality.

        The foaming system equipment developed and cooperated with Germany Krauss Maffei, the moveable four-station foaming mould frame independently developed and equipped by Artie, and the simultaneously automatic two-head water cutting system, from raw material allocation, automatic feeding, programming operation and automatic cutting, can generate a new generation of products orderly through the upgrading and transformation of process and equipment. The installation of automatic assembly line and the operation mode of assembly line guarantee the product upgrade from the aspects of productivity, quality, efficiency and effect. Through the continuous self-improvement and investment guarantee of core productivity, the process automation level is constantly optimized and finally put into practice on the refinement and competitiveness of products, which lays a solid foundation for building "bus interior trim research, development and

        production base".


        "Excellent design, superior performance, advanced technology, quality service" is our management policy, and "update, stronger, higher" is our service concept to strive to create a more scientific, safe, humanized automotive interior.


        3000 +

        Registered capital

        60 +

        Technical team

        87 +

        National patent


        Hunan Artie Industrial Co., Ltd.



        Address: Main office building, No.28, Dazhong North Road, Changsha Economic and Technical Development Zone, Changsha City, Hunan Province






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